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1. What is Tailored Made Adjusters?
Tailored Made Adjusters is a premier adjuster training school based in Texas, dedicated to providing comprehensive courses for individuals seeking to obtain their adjuster licenses. In addition to licensure preparation, we offer practical training for new adjusters, equipping them with the basics of adjusting to ensure a successful start in their careers.

2. How can I obtain my Adjuster license through Tailored Made Adjusters?
Our school offers a variety of courses tailored to meet the Texas state requirements for adjuster licensing. These include online and virtual classes covering all necessary material to pass the state licensing exam. Upon completion of the course and successful passing of the final exam, students will receive a certificate and assistance in applying for their Texas Adjuster License.

3. What makes Tailored Made Adjusters different from other adjuster training programs?
Tailored Made Adjusters stands out for its hands-on training approach and comprehensive support system. Our programs are designed to prepare students for real-world challenges through practical training scenarios. We pride ourselves on our community-focused environment, where students receive personalized attention and mentorship.

5. Can someone with no prior experience in adjusting enroll in your courses?
Absolutely! Our courses are designed to accommodate individuals at all levels of experience, including those with no prior background in adjusting. Our foundational courses cover all the basics, ensuring that every student can start their journey on solid ground.

6. What are the career prospects for someone who becomes a licensed adjuster through Tailored Made Adjusters?
The demand for qualified adjusters is consistently strong, with opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Our training equips you to work as an independent adjuster or for an insurance firm. The skills you learn will prepare you for a variety of roles within the insurance industries. 

7. How do I enroll in Tailored Made Adjusters' courses?
Enrolling is easy! Download our App or visit our website to view the upcoming course schedule and select the one that fits your needs. You can register online.

Texas Department of Insurance Requirements to becoming an Adjuster

1. Meet the Basic RequirementsAge and Licensing:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license.

Background Check: A clean criminal background and a good driving record are mandatory to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of prospective adjusters.

2. Complete Pre-Licensing EducationCoursework:
Our 40-hour pre-licensing education covers essential topics, including insurance policies, Texas laws and regulations, and ethical considerations in claims adjusting. Tailored Made Adjusters offers both online and virtual classes designed to fit various learning styles and schedules.

3. Pass the Texas All-Lines Adjuster ExamExam Preparation:
With a comprehensive curriculum, we prepare our students for the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Exam, which encompasses 150 multiple-choice questions on a wide range of subjects from the Texas Insurance Code to practical adjusting scenarios. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass.

4. Apply for Your License
Application Process: Following the successful completion of the exam, we guide our students through the process of applying for their license with the Texas Department of Insurance, including submitting exam scores, proof of pre-licensing education, and the necessary application fees.

About Mr. MAC
Aka John Carter,

Why Mr. MAC was created…
My Adjuster Coach aka “Mr. MAC” was created out of my desire to offer new adjusters the support and training needed to enter the adjuster industry with a solid foundation for getting started.  The Mr. MAC Academy will provide you with training that is parallel to the real experience and equip you with tools to assist you in becoming a confident adjuster. You will also have access to our community of seasoned adjusters where you can network and get the support you need to become a successful adjuster. All I need is your full commitment to learn and potentially change your family’s lively hood. God Bless, Good Luck…. And now, Let’s Get to Work!


  • 30 years of management of customer service
  • 9 years as an Independent Adjuster


  • Property desk
  • Supplements
  • Commercial
  • Fire
  • Field
  • Farm and Ranch
  • Water Restoration
  • Auto

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