We take you through the process of understanding the property desk adjuster role all the way through your career! We provide the tools, know how, and support to hit the ground running in your career. All at your fingertips with our on-the-go training app.

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Mr. MAC will guide you on your journey of getting licensed as an Adjuster, choose the career pathway that is right for you and provide you with New Adjuster training that is parallel to the real experience. You will leave our New Adjuster training feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to work as a Property Desk Adjuster.

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Adjuster training from anywhere. With our self-paced courses, get the training you need, when you need it.

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Are you ready to get started as a licensed Adjuster? Let Mr. MAC guide you on your
journey to getting licensed as an insurance claims Adjuster and join our community. All
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Now that you are a licensed adjuster, find the resources and training you need to start your career. Mr.  MAC will guide you from preparing your resume to being prepared for the interview.  Mr. Mac will show you how to stand out as a new adjuster.

New Adjuster
Property Desk Training

Mr. MAC will provide you with property desk training that is parallel to the real experience. In the private community as a  new adjuster  you will be connected with seasoned adjusters in our secure app.

Let Mr. MAC illuminate your pathway to becoming a competent adjuster.

The My Adjuster Coach app is designed to provide information for those interested in getting an adjuster license to training the new adjuster on how to prepare for their first deployment and becoming a confident property adjuster.
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“I was laid off in 2019, and then COVID hit. During lock down, I stumbled upon the adjusting industry, which was still thriving despite the pandemic. Becoming an adjuster has been incredibly financially rewarding for me, and I highly recommend this profession to anyone seeking to earn a potentially great income and who has strong work ethics and commitment.”

Monica Brown

Post License

“Since becoming an adjuster my eyes have been opened to a better appreciation for insurance. The knowledge that I have obtained is impeccable! I enjoy communicating  with the customers and assisting them in their time of need. This is truly a rewarding and fulfilling career for me! My recommendations is to get started today!”

Emma James

Post License

“As a former Firefighter/Paramedic, I entered the field of adjusting after retiring from Canton City Fire Department. I have found this career to be challenging, but yet fulfilling both personally and financially.  If you are looking to level up your lifestyle financially, then becoming an adjuster can be a game changer.  It's not the easiest, but it is so worth it!”

Joan Thompson

Post License